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Our Story

Thoughtful fashion with a modern elegance.


Established in 2018 by two friends, Erica Lewis and Georgie Musgrove founded their namesake brand on a collective, creative vision and complementary skill base to embark on a new chapter of their lives

Erika Georg’s dedication is to individual, uniquely styled pieces that are created to be worn like a piece of art, with intrinsic detail and a new look of femininity. 

Drawing inspiration from traditional dressmaking techniques, Erika Georg creates luxury, through a mixture of ready-to-wear pieces, strong tailoring, thoughtful detail and everyday staples for any wardrobe.

Erica's experience is extensive, being traditionally trained in garment design and production. She expresses her creativity through her own bespoke bridal business- creating beautiful, intricate, well thought-out silhouettes, expressing femininity and bringing confidence to women on their special day.

Georgie has a wide range of experience in a retail, marketing and communications. Together they have created Erika Georg to strike a unique, youthful, working balance.

Fusing technical knowledge to the modern era, feminine silhouettes are formed touching on classical design techniques exuding sophistication, beauty and elegance with emphasis on craftsmanship, quality fabrics and finishing.

A ‘custom’ feel that is unique to each piece: Erika Georg is for the woman who has an appreciation of style and classical design with emphasis on modern elegance.


Proudly Designed and Made in Australia.